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Wanting Project

"The world of art and love is being shaped by this new generation of people who are unafraid to reconnect with their true selves, exploring their desires, and living in the moment. This spiritual connection and fearlessness helps shape some truly unique stories.

A new generation seems to be embracing and re-discovering a more spiritual way of life. Meditation, manifestation and self love are more than just buzz words, they are becoming a way of life."

Cat Coppenrath

“I envision the future of art to be borderless. When I think about photography, I dream of a world without the boundaries and limitations of a cis white male gaze and capitalist, product driven market. I believe to get to that point, art needs to be more accessible and more participatory. We need to place cameras, paint brushes, sewing machines, and canvases in the hands of the community, not just the institutions. We need to value patience and critical thinking. We need to place value in the meaning and process behind the art versus just selling things. Art needs to exist outside of the hierarchical museum and gallery settings. And really for me, art has always been something that is the pathway to that which I do not have words to express. I hope this never changes.”